En Cabanes disponemos de la mayor colección de dibujos religiosos y ornamentales vectorizados para cortar con plotter y grabar con chorro de arena.


 Una de las colecciones más grandes y variadas del mercado, de fácil pelado.

 En ella encontrará vírgenes, santos, cruces,  cristos, ángeles, símbolos religiosos, tipos de letra y abecedarios imitación a pantógrafo otrazadas a mano, escudos heráldicos, estelas funerarias, cenefas y cualquier otro dibujo o adorno necesario para la realización de una lápida, tumba o monumento funerario.

Las imágenes religiosas están realizadas por diseñadores gráficos con estudios en bellas artes, lo que convierte a nuestros dibujos en:

"obras de arte pensadas para ser cortadas y peladas con suavidad, con trazos limpios y pocos nodos, curvas suavizadas y trabajadas para que el pelado de la plantilla sea rápido y cómodo".

Todos nuestros diseños se envían en formato vectorial del tipo ai o EPS, listo para cortar con plotter con cualquier programa de corte o rotulación como:

 Flexisign, Casmate, Cibercat, Signmaking, Signcut, Wincut, Cutstudio, Corel draw, Frehand, Ilustrator, etc.


Usted solo tendrá que descargarlo de su correo y podrá cortar la plantilla de chorro de arena al tamaño que quiera y las veces que lo necesite cortar.





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  • Atlas

    Sandblasting equipment con with suction and brush for engraving marble, granite, glass, etc. The Atlas model is an autonomous engraver that recovers and reinserts abrasive using a suction system with brush. It can be used as a portable engraver in
  • Compac

    Mobile pressure engraving equipment. The is a suction-free mobile pressure engraver with a combination of air and sand valves, which is essential for engraving marble and granite, as the even and constant mix of corundum and air produces very uniform,
  • C4 Cabinet

    Cabinet recorded for sandblasting. This is the ideal complement to the engraving equipment, it allows working time to be reduced in relation to manual engraving by brush, since it permits viewing the abrasive application zone and avoids projection in unwanted
  • Cyclone

    CYCLONE dust separator. It is an air and dust separation system that is carried out by centrifugal force and gravity located between the cabinet and the vacuum turbine, significantly reducing the dust that reaches the vacuum turbine. The dust collected
  • MA 1600

    The best and fastest system of automatic sand blasting engraving tombstones. The sandblast table is the best of its kind for engraving letters and images onto marble and granite. This quick and easy engraving system produces top-quality results with great
  • C3 Cabinet

    Cabinet sandblasting has various characteristics. • You can work at higher pressure and using more abrasive. • Different nozzles can be used for different jobs. • You can view your progress through the glass. These advantages mean that engravings can be done almost
  • V6

    Etching equipment venturi. The V-6 is a Venturi sandblaster that launches the abrasive into a continuous recycling recipient. It is highly mobile, weighs less than other sandblasters and can work with a cabinet or a brush, which means it can
  • Master

    Sand blasting equipment for continuous operation. Master engravers are the market’s top-of-the-range models. Super tough and hardwearing, they are the machinery of choice when workin g with automatic sandblast cabins and tables, as they can operate continuously for hours at

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